Press & Media Appearances

Here is some of the press coverage Homa’s work has received, as well as some of the appearances she has made across various media outlets. Please follow Homa on Facebook and Twitter.

Global Kids, Independent Publishers Award Winner 2021.

Global Kids won the Independent Publishers Award, Silver Medal for Children’s Interactive.

Global Kids, Tillywig Award Winner 2021.

Global Kids won the Tillywig Award for Best Children's Products.

Created and taught in Philly region, Global Kids offers multicultural lessons

Press coverage on Global Kids Activity Deck.

Our world is shrinking. How do we prepare kids to thrive in a global society?

Homa talks about the impact of our rapidly changing world on children, featuring Global Kids.

Walking The World: 7 Years And Counting

Paul Salopek was on a seven year trek, walking around the world. Homa talks about the different things kids can learn by seeing the world through Paul's eyes.

Auntie Nelly’s House on Raising Global Citizens

In this episode of Auntie Nelly's House, we talk about raising globally engaged, anti-racist families with Homa.

The Enrollment Spectrum podcast, live from AC20

Join us for a special live conversation with Homa Tavangar and Will Richardson from EMA's AC20!

Atomi Brainwaves Podcast

Homa Tavangar discusses bringing a globalized approach to education into modern schools and her involvement in racial justice and equity initiatives in the education world.

The Global Mom Show on I Heart Radio

Mary Grace chats with Homa Tavangar on global education and global citizenship, diversity and more. We cover some basic steps to raising global kids.

Modern Learners Podcast: Diversity is not the goal

What if diversity is NOT the goal? That’s the question that our two guests dive into in this our 60th episode. Bruce and I chat with with Homa Tavangar and Eric Dozier.

BahaiTeachings Podcast: Raising Children to Be At Home in the World

Racism is America’s most challenging issue. This podcast interviews Baha’is throughout the United States who are actively building racial unity through building community

Leading Equity Podcast

LE 155: How to Cultivate Global Citizens with Homa Tavangar

Parents Advice

Expert Advice: Can a child be too young to volunteer at a shelter? Homa talks about the ideal age to introduce the value of serving others.

Pittsburgh Today CBS Local

Growing Up Global: Raising Children to be At Home in the World helps parents to raise children with a global perspective. Not all families can travel overseas to expose their children to world cultures, but they can start engaging with the world right in their own home communities.

NBC taps local author to help kids’ show go global

As a cultural consultant, Homa Tavangar makes sure TV gets it right.

My American MeltingPot, Talking to Kids About Race

On episode 18 of My American Meltingpot, we’re talking about how and when to talk to our children about race.

Million Moms Challenge

Spur The Global Economy – Stay Home And Make A Difference This Thanksgiving. Feeling the pressure of tighter consumer spending, giant retailers catering to bargain hunters will open earlier than ever this Black Friday, on Thanksgiving Thursday.

Million Moms Challenge

World Food Day And Beyond – 5 Steps To Raising An Adventurous Eater! Sunday was World Food Day, and while hunger endangers the lives of too many around the world, for many parents, our daily food challenge might be more on the order of just getting our little ones to eat their broccoli.

Million Moms Challenge

Increasing The Odds – For Every Baby My third daughter had a 92% chance of never being conceived. When she was around four-years-old she heard a friend of mine mention our little surprise, and then asked me: “Mommy, why does she say I’m an accident?”

Dallas Morning News

Elementary Students Inspired

Chicago Sun-Times

Feeding kids’ interest in global cuisine

Rodale News

5 Stay-at-Home Ways to Give Your Kids a Global Advantage


Homa Sabet Tavangar asks to change our ideas and help our children to be future Global Citizens.

The Washington Post

Faith in Action

Fox News

A New Black Friday Tradition

Power of Moms

Book Summary: Growing Up Global This is hands-down the best book I’ve ever read about helping children to develop a healthy, beautiful, meaningful perspective of the world. I consider myself to be one of Homa’s most enthusiastic (and hungry) students. I’ve never been outside of North America, and although I live in a very diverse part of California.

Million Moms Challenge

Doing The Best I Can – Like The Hummingbird A typical little girl, in a Kenyan village, who spent her days fetching firewood and water for her large family, was expected to grow up like her mother – one of four wives, illiterate and subservient to her husband.

Parents Magazine

The December 2011 issue featured Homa talking about global learning for families, drawing from a number of experts in the field. The title of the story ended up being the subtitle of Growing Up Global, “At Home in the World.”

Small World Feature

Parents really can give their kids the world.

BBC News

Featured on BBC World Service

Book Talk & Screening of “Girl Rising”

Two-in-one documentary screening and book talk on power of girls’ education.

ABC News Local

We’re always hearing about how the world is getting smaller and our children need to be ready to interact globally. But in this tight economy, the family trip overseas is hard to pull off.

Helping Kids Explore Their Heritage

Let St. Patrick’s Day (when everybody’s Irish) launch your family’s cultural IQ

NBC Philadelphia – Avoiding the Summer Slump

Growing Up Global on NBC’s Education Nation Interview with Homa Sabet Tavangar on NBC Philadelphia.