Work With Homa

Work with Homa

Whether as a speaker, advisor, leadership coach or consultant, Homa leverages 30 years in global business, innovation and development, and learning about learning to help organizations reconsider and redefine how they cultivate purpose, innovation and belonging.


Homa helps organizations learn to go deeper than diversity to build authentic relationships and equips teams with qualities, attitudes and skills for their journey toward justice, equity and authentic inclusion. Homa is the co-founder of two thriving consultancies and is able to consult on her own or together with her partners Eric Dozier of the Oneness Lab or Will Richardson of the Big Questions Institute


Homa collaborates with Fortune 50 companies, school districts, universities and leading community organizations as a speaker, advisor on DEI, leadership development coach, consultant on global citizenship, cultural competency and post-pandemic skillsets. 


1. Keynote Speaker & Presenter

From Fortune 50 events to annual education conferences to academic symposia, Homa’s presentations pair her uniquely global perspective with the latest research to inspire audiences to reimagine the promise of our classrooms, companies and communities. Her personal background, love of storytelling, range of work, interpretation of scientific research, and first-hand engagement with diverse communities bring depth and urgency to her speaking engagements. Keynotes are tailored to the audience with current examples, research and insights. Homa often presents with her co-founders of BigQuestions.Institute and

Recent presentations examples

  • Connecting Global Education and Diversity Goals for Real Inclusion and Innovation
  • The Big Question: How can we reimagine justice, equity, diversity and inclusion in our schools? 
  • Nurture Belonging and Deeper Learning: Recognize and Overcome the Challenges of Teaching for Global and Cultural Competence
  • New Leadership Lenses for a Post-Pandemic World (presented jointly with Will Richardson, Homa’s co-founder of BigQuestions.Institute)
  • How to Build Global Competence (and Compassion) Amidst Global Crisis
  • This is Not Diversity Training: Building Your Brain, Team and Toolbox to Go Beyond Tolerance
  • Deeper Than Diversity: Exploring Transformative Principles in the Quest for Racial Justice (presented jointly with Eric Dozier, Homa’s co-founder of
  • Raising Children to Thrive in a Globalized World
  • Tools for Having Courageous Conversations Around Race, Culture and Belief
  • New Mindsets and Literacies for Thriving in the 21st Century

2. Adviser on Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Justice, equity, diversity and inclusion (JEDI) priorities are centered in every project Homa takes on, whether an engagement is explicitly for JEDI or not. Racism is the most vital and challenging issue affecting America (and beyond) today, and impacts every aspect of our lives at work, at home and in community. Homa’s advising is invitational, not confrontational, and is centered in justice and honesty.

Recent advising examples

  • Staff workshops and training on bias, racial literacy, having courageous conversations, and communications with awareness of unconscious harm. Clients range from independent and public K-12 schools to Fortune 50 leadership teams and community groups.
  • Reviews of curricula, communications and other key assets of a school and a  company to account for cultural competence and equity in all lessons and messaging. 
  • Anti-bias hiring advising, including reviewing application processes, auditing “entrance” exams, vetting resumés, and other steps in the application process, for racial, cultural, economic, gender or other biases. 
  • Entertainment advising for children’s and youth media and educational content creators to identify implicit and explicit bias in storytelling, art direction, casting, scripts  and other aspects of video and materials production. 
  • Create and conduct empathy audits to help organizations foster an equity ecosystem. 
  • Serve as a confidential, personal accountability coach for leaders from diverse sectors around JEDI goals.

3. Leadership Development Coach

The challenges facing leaders have never been more complex, and competing interests seem increasingly demanding. In individual and group settings, Homa works with leaders to build their capacity to understand and embrace the challenges of our time, to restore internal balance as they create coherence across complex priorities, and to gain a broader vision of purpose and mission.

Recent leadership coaching examples

  • For large groups: Homa created and facilitated the Reflect + Recharge + Reinforce sessions for International Schools Services women’s leadership development initiative (and variations for other professional associations). These sessions offer practical exercises and research-based personal and professional development amidst extremely challenging conditions, for cohorts ranging from 30 to more than 100 individuals around the world via video call. 
  • For small cohorts: Through the Big Questions Institute, Homa co-facilitated Mastermind coaching cohorts for school leaders from around the world. Acknowledging that leadership can be lonely, we build an environment of candor and openness for breakthrough learning among small cohorts.
  • For individuals: Homa works with a select number of private coaching clients per year from anywhere in the world. Based on a cadence that works, usually bi-monthly, Homa engages via video call for a set number of months, with an eye to reaching certain personal or professional milestones.

4. Building Global Citizenship & Global Competence

With more than 30 years of experience working on the ever-changing realities of globalization, system-wide transformation that’s global and inclusive doesn’t scare me. I also understand that small steps might be needed as first steps, and these help build capacity, too……….

Recent engagement examples

  • Professional development for New York State Association of Independent Schools with participants from over 50 schools on Zoom, engaged in hands-on learning and lesson building, using Sustainable Development Goals and global competence framework.
  • Engagement with an elementary school staff on making their international studies more meaningful and connected to the overall curriculum and DEIJ and SEL goals.
  • Collaboration with a parent committee to advise them on creating a more meaningful and inclusive international celebration, culminating in Homa giving a talk for parents on kids on How to Be a Better Global Citizen.